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The Velvet Click Stick Collection


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Microblade Pen Perfector


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Beauty Lab

Simple but with a stroke of sophistication. We're redefining beauty to be everything but ordinary.

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Be bold, be the new on-fleek, be browtiful any day

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Color the talk, embrace your roles, lip it up any day

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Find the perfect bundle made just for you.

Premium Velvet Click Stick Bundle

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The Brow Artist Collection

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#BrowtifulAnyDay Bundles

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it’s in your eyes.

Our commitment to excellence allows us to give you brows and lashes crafted and perfected by hand—by experts you trust. Strokes has the answers for every eye concern. It’s the way we do it that makes all the difference.

Remember, different strokes for different folks!

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Let's Talk Beauty

A unique and very user-friendly [brand] even for individuals who have very little to no makeup experience.

Misha Shahzada, International Makeup Artist

This line busts the myth that excellent results require hefty price tags.


It's amazing how people with Alopecia could now take control of having their natural looking brows back through makeup by Strokes.

Abby Asistio - Singer, Alopecia Philippines Founder

The launch of Strokes Beauty Lab in September was (pun intended) a stroke of genius.


Brow artistry is at the heart of the Strokes brand... Whatever brow look you can dream up, Strokes has the products to make that happen.

Audie Umali, Creative Director

The best makeup products to create the same [microblading] effects without the blade.

Jelly Eugenio, Celebrity Makeup Artist

This eyebrow makeup line is the ultimate game-changer in the world of brows.

Xeng Zulueta, Makeup Artist

Every element of this collection looks and feels premium, and, dare I say, is even better than that of international brands.

Jeb Fronda, Stylist

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